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A Kaleidoscope of Resolutions

New Year’s Eve, 2017 Pt. Richmond, California   “A day is a span of time no one is wealthy enough to waste.” – from my son’s fortune cookie after our photo shoot This year is the fourth year that I have photographed Christine Findley and her daughter. Each year I photograph them around Christmas. It […]

Farley Family Photos – The Orchards

My kids and I have taken photos every year at the same Walnut Creek location for almost ten years. When we started, we called our spot “the meadow.” Recently, “our meadow” has been developed and named “The Orchards.” We visited our meadow again last weekend after my son’s baseball game. It was the first day […]

A Letter to a Teenager

Today my daughter is 13 years and 13 days old. As she approached thirteen, we discussed the significance of her becoming a teenager… and we both realized that we did not feel anything different. It felt like just another year. When she was ten, I collected photographs from her first ten years. One of the […]

Farley Family Photography Pilgrimage

For the last seven seasons, my children and I have visited the same location for family portraits. We bring at least two cameras and take photos of each other. My daughter took the picture of me that might still be at the top called the “featured image.” In 2010 I called this trip the “Farley Photo Pilgrimage.” A […]

Christmas Portraits in Clayton California

Christmas Day 2014 Clayton, California   To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up Oscar Wilde, from The Importance of Being Earnest On Christmas Day, I visited a mother and her daughter in Clayton, California. I brought my camera and received the gift of their company. During the drive, I wondered […]

Tanner Family Aloha

When I photographed the Tanner family last Sunday, the parents and two kids had just returned from a Hawaiian vacation. I have known Nicole since we both attended UC Santa Barbara (more than) a few years ago. Now we both live about three miles from each other in the Bay Area. While I was taking […]

Super Secret Marketing Plan

Super Bowl Sunday is the one day that Americans forget we hate television commercials. Companies will pay at least 4 million dollars for each thirty second advertising spot during the game. If I understood marketing, I could explain why companies continue investing more money on Super Bowl ads each year, but I do not even know how […]

Tanner Family Portraits

The last week, I have reconnected to my UC Santa Barbara past. In addition to visiting with a few former University of California Santa Barbara Gauchos, I attended the Cal-UCSB basketball game on the Berkeley campus. Before the game, the UCSB Alumni Association sponsored a Pre-Game reception.  On Saturday, I also photographed the Tanner family. […]