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Melrose Leadership Academy Peace March

“Imagine all the people living life in peace” John Lennon Yesterday, my son’s Spanish bilingual school, Melrose Leadership Academy, organized a march through our Maxwell Park neighborhood in Oakland, California. Here is the photo gallery of the peace and kindness march. The march had been planned before the recent tragedy in Oakland; however, our school community […]

The 2015 MLA Kindergarten Portraits

When my 11 year old daughter began kindergarten at Melrose Leadership Academy, I had a simple idea. I thought I could photograph each kindergarten class as long as my children attended the school. I live in the neighborhood. How difficult could it be? As I tell my photography students, simple and easy are not the […]

MLA Song and Dance

On Thursday March 5th, Melrose Leadership Academy held the first TK-5th Grade Choral Concert in Oakland, California. (You can view a photo gallery of The Choral Concert here.) Earlier this school year, MLA held its annual Dance-a-thon. (I have included dance-a-thon images at the bottom and a gallery here.) Since today is International Women’s Day and yesterday was the 50th anniversary […]

Getting Closer to Maxwell Park – Judy Salamon

A year ago today, I taught a photography workshop in San Francisco. The students practiced “getting closer.“ I encouraged participants to acknowledge discomfort and create support networks. As I wrote last year,  “Photographers build bridges to people who are lonely,” but we often forget to build our own bridges. Three months after the workshop, I photographed a neighborhook […]

Maxwell Park Neighborhood Candlelight Vigil

Be careful what you wish for… it may come true. On Thursday evening I was relaxing in my Maxwell Park home noticing the stillness. My life has been busy recently and I missed the excitement. About five minutes later, two neighbors walked past our house and mentioned a memorial service for a neighbor who had […]

Maxwell Park Day in the Park

Yesterday was the “Seventh Annual Day in the Park” in our Oakland, California Maxwell Park neighborhood. The Day in the Park is the signature event for our neighborhood.  The event is held at a little park with the same name as our neighborhood.  There is also an old Maxwell Park Elementary School just down the […]