Treasure Island and Painted Wonderland Day 1

On Saturday October 13, I attended the first day of the Treasure Island Music Festival.  For the last few years, I have photographed hundreds of musicians, at concerts and music festivals.  This year I assumed I would photograph several more acts during the two day festival. Instead, I spent most of the festival with my friends at the Painted Wonderland tent.

I also remembered something about concerts. Concerts are fun. The Treasure Island Music Festival is a whole lot of fun.


The first few hours I felt out of place. Everyone was happy and I was sulking. I realized that I usually work concerts, and I had missed the point. Concerts are fun. Fortunately, some guy started blowing bubbles. Bubbles are fun. It is impossible to frown and see bubbles. There were a lot of bubbles.

[photoshelter-gallery g_id=”G0000cafZhC0FkWI” g_name=”Treasure-Island-Painted-Wonderland-Day-1″ f_show_caption=”t” f_show_slidenum=”t” img_title=”fname” pho_credit=”iptc” f_link=”t” f_enable_embed_btn=”t” f_send_to_friend_btn=”t” f_fullscreen=”t” f_topbar=”t” f_bbar=”t” f_htmllinks=”t” f_mtrx=”t” fsvis=”f” width=”590″ height=”393″ bgcolor=”#AAAAAA” btype=”old” bcolor=”#CCCCCC” crop=”f” twoup=”t” trans=”xfade” tbs=”2000″ bgtrans=”f” linkdest=”c” f_constrain=”f” f_bbarbig=”” f_show_watermark=”f” f_smooth=”f” f_ap=”f” f_up=”f” target=”_self” wmds=”llQ6QNgpeC.p1Ucz7U.Y58W01Kq4EJDLE_T81_VESyRZ.D0b2Pf59KWLqNs_AAFavdet3Q–” ]

At the Painted Wonderland tent, several talented artists created unique designs. The customers entered the tent happy and left happier. I would leave occasionally when I would hear a drum beat or see a pirate on stilts.   The Samba Stilt Circus walked right behind our tent and I joined (with my camera, but not stilts. They are like a drum circle on stilts … and there was music. My favorites were from Oakland or from 1988.

Please leave comments for the various artists. You can compliment me for having fun, but I basically walked through a museum and took pictures. Give credit where it is due.

4 Responses to “Treasure Island and Painted Wonderland Day 1”

  1. Reza says:

    Amazing pictures.. looks like a great festival of light and art 🙂

  2. bryan farley says:


    You would really enjoy it. If you have the opportunity next year, I highly recommend it. You could even work at one of the booths and lead yoga workshops.

    The music is pretty decent, but it seems that everyone who attends is artistic and creative. I spent most of my time at the Painted Wonderland booth. The face and body painters are real pros. Amazing?

  3. Wow Mr. Farley!
    I was zipping through the photos looking for pictures of my bubbles (I was the bubble artist by the Ferris Wheel) and I found myself having to slow down and really look at what you did here. I just have to say you are a MASTER of capturing faces at a key moment in natural light. Wow. Even with digital allowing millions of photos clicked off in rapid succession these days, lotsa folks never snag the moment when light/shadow, textures and revelatory facial expression coincide just right …as you have done over and over here.

    And cheers!


    • bryan farley says:


      Thank you for the compliments. I enjoyed seeing the bubbles and watching all the faces. The younger people at the festival loved the bubbles, but the older folks loved the bubbles just as much. I spent much of my days about one hundred yards away from the bubbles and occasionally bubbles would drift over to other tents and everyone loved the bubbles.

      You brought joy to so many on the first day and I am confident that you do so every day.