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JEA NSPA Spring 2013 Leave Your Heart Everywhere

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon As one of the local committee members who planned the 2013 Spring JEA National Convention, I was busy creating expectations. After the last convention in San Antonio, I even thought that I would influence the story. Wrong. I did not even control my […]

Every Convention Tells a Story – JEA San Antonio

True story: While I was preparing for my final presentation, a sales person approached me in my hotel lobby. The woman wanted to sell me something similar to a timeshare, “but it was not a timeshare.”  I stopped preparing my presentation while my tea finished steeping.  She continued asking me questions loud enough so that […]

Remember The Audience – Photography Portfolios with Mark Murray

A few hours ago, Mark Murray and I presented our photography portfolio presentation in San Antonio, Texas for the Fall 2012 JEA/ NSPA National Journalism Convention. We have presented together at every JEA Convention since Nashville, Tennessee.  The presentation changes with technology and the city. The students influence or presentation too.  Here is my post from our […]

Student Journalism on the Edge

Student press supporters often claim that students “do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” At a recent national journalism education conference, I noticed a different version of this quote. Outside the schoolhose gate, students express themselves too. [photoshelter-img width=’590′ height=’413′ i_id=’I0000mQ7qAY_byQI’ buy=’1′] Fourteen year old Malcolm […]

JEA High School Photography Portfolio Presentations

Mark Murray and Bryan Farley have created and co-facilitated photography portfolio presentations at JEA national conferences.

Photo Story Presentation with Dave LaBelle

Dave LaBelle and Bryan Farley are creating a new workshop about photo stories. LaBelle and Farley will present at the JEA National Conference in Seattle.

Reflections on the JEA-NSPA National Conference

Twice a year, the Journalism Education Association and the National Student Press Association host national journalism conferences. Several thousand students, educators and professionals attend each convention. For those four days, it is easy to reflect on the conference and believe in the future of journalism. At this year’s conference, veterans and newcomers inspired the students. Vadim […]