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Mindy Betancourt Mercado – Another Anniversary

Today is the third horrible anniversary for Mindy Betancourt Mercado. On my old Type Pad blog, I wrote a post with photos about the loss of Mindy’s four year old son. The photos and story are available at this link. As my family prepares for Halloween and dia de los muertos, I have been thinking about […]

Tammie Mitchell Tarver and Starla

Last August, during Fresno’s record breaking heat, I photographed mothers from a Central Valley support group. When I photographed Tammie Mitchell Tarver at Woodward Park, the temperature was still over 100 degrees. We could have rescheduled for cooler temperatures and better light, but grief does not wait for perfect light. [photoshelter-gallery g_id=”G0000r7gpF268zFw” g_name=”Tammie-Mitchell-Tarver” f_show_caption=”t” f_show_slidenum=”t” […]

Tammie and Starla Five Years After

Starla Mitchell, Tammie Mitchell Tarver’s daughter, died five years ago today.

Kimberley Libecki Mother of Photgraphy Project

I wanted to honor my friend Kim Libecki on her birthday today. I often describe her as a “Mother of an Angel,” but she is also a wonderful mother to three other children. She and I have been friends since high school. When I left for college, she started a family and our lives went in […]

2011 Self Published Photo Book

2011 was a productive year. I told meaningful stories and affected lives. One of my projects was the Mother of Angel Friendship Network. In February, a magazine published my article and photo essay about the support group organized by mothers who have lost children to death. It is a subject that is often ignored, and […]

New Year Reminders for the Travioli Family

New Year’s Eve is usually hopeful and exciting. Even if the year had been difficult, a person can write off all their bad resolutions and plan for future good intentions.  How would a person change their New Year’s Eve plans if New Year’s Day was not a hopeful reminder? How do parents spend their New Year’s […]